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Our Exclusive fences are designed to satisfy the wishes of even the most discerning customer. They are an elegant combination of forged fences and the skill of our blacksmiths. Exclusive fences are richly decorated. These decorations can be applied to any type of artistically forged fence and all decorative elements are hand-made by our blacksmiths to fit the construction of the individual fence parts.

Do you want a real one-of-a-kind fence? We can make one exactly to your specifications.

In our Exclusive series there are no bounds and the client’s wishes are our goal in the final product. We want to aesthetically balance every element, so that it doesn’t disturb the complete look of the fence. We offer years of experience in making decorative fences throughout the Czech Republic.

Every fence is made of solid steel and the surface is galvanized to ensure high quality and weather-proofness. We offer a maintenance-free fence that will last you a lifetime.

Every style can be modified, made with different materials and in various colours. The fence can also be patinated, free of charge. We will be glad to advise you with the realization and prepare a graphical draft.
We can create elegant stainless fences, which will captivate everyone in the surroundings of your home.


Take a look at our earlier contracts and see the mastery of our craftsmen for yourself. Every fence from the Exclusive series is an original and realized to your exact specifications. Let your imagination run riot.

Are you interested in our Exclusive series? Would you like something similar for your home? E-mail us using our contact form, we will be happy to help you.

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