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Blacksmiths and locksmiths from Hefaistos can create fences according to your precise requirements. Our workers will take care of the whole building process, including the foundation wall and other construction works. Our Standard fences combine simple design and complex function. Security and quality are of utmost importance, as well as a reasonable price.

We choose the best material to complement your house, your garden or your place of business. We are always ready to consult our customer and give professional advice.

Every fence is made of solid steel and the surface is galvanized to ensure high quality and weather-proofness. We offer a maintenance-free fence that will last you a lifetime.

Your fence can be delivered in a variety of colour finishes, which offer double protection.



See our selection of designs and choose the one you like most. We offer 15 models, all of which are compatible with one another. Or visit us in Prague - Radotín and see all our products yourself – door handles, locks, mailboxes and much more. Come visit us!

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We will be glad to advise you with the realization and prepare a graphical draft, should you so choose.

Has our selection of maintenance-free forged fences caught your eye? Are you looking for something similar? E-mail us using our contact form and we will be happy to help you.



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