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You need to breathe new life into the work of old masters. You need to repair an artefact you cherish. You want to restore the function of a railing, staircase or various other metal products. We are here to resurrect everything and return it to its former glory.

We are the top restoration company in the Czech Republic. We even received a certification by the Ministry of Culture.

We focus not only on restoring small artistic items, but also large historical buildings and metal constructions. The size of the commission is always a challenge we are happy to face head-on. We don’t back off even in face of huge structures, such as a railway station, a bridge or handrails of the Prague waterfront. We have a lot of experience to show for it.

But small commissions are interesting as well, restoring the beauty from the days of yore is very fulfilling.

Restoration is made with the utmost respect to the material and the form of the object. We don’t want to disturb the original perfection.

We employ a skilled team of restorers who are always ready to fulfil the wishes of the customer.

See our previous commissions for yourself.

Are you interested in our restoration services? Are you on the lookout for something similar? E-mail us using our contact form, we will be happy to help you.

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