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During the more than twenty years of its existence, our company performed countless commissions from the smallest ones to huge installations. We don’t differentiate based on the size of the commission; we always aim to satisfy the wishes of the individual customer. We are proud to say that customers return to us and they are happy to cooperate with us on more projects.

We select the most interesting of our past commissions; that way, you can get a good idea of all the things we can do.


"We co-operated with the Hefaistos smithy while building the new factory building and while reconstructing the Uhelný mlýn building in Libčice nad Vltavou. In both cases, we were satisfied with their work.

After twenty years of work in the building industry, the thing I value most about a supplier can be relied on and what he says, goes. I know for a fact that in the case of Mr Dubský, the owner of Hefaistos, this rule works smoothly."

Michal Peřina, owner of LUGI s.r.o. 


Of our past commissions, we list but a few:

Sovovy mlýny, Prague 1 – restoration of the entrance hall, railing, awnings, construction of portals and staircases

Municipal House, Prague 1 – locksmith and girdler work in the whole object

Prague Castle – outer staircases and construction work in the Stag Moat

Lichtenstein Palace, Prague 1 – construction of the brass spiral staircase

Žofín, Prague 1 – cast-iron railing and brickwork of the bearing wall near Vltava River

Kramářova vila, Prague 1 – restoration and reconstruction of the entrance gate

Franciscan garden, Prague 1 – forged railing

Municipal library, Prague 1 – locksmith, blacksmith and girder work on the mayoral lift

Straka Academy – flagpoles

Czech National Bank, Prague 1 – steel, stainless and brass interior features

Main Point, Prague-Karlín – staircases, railing, stainless steel plinths, panelling etc.

Liberty Hotel, Prague 1 – construction of historic display windows, steel furniture, grilles, staircases, awnings etc.

EU-Japan Centre, Tokyo, Japan – forged gate, cast-iron lamps, window grilles

Café No.1, Prague 1 – construction of staircase, entrance portals, display windows

Ponec Theatre, Prague 3 – steel constructions, entrances and railing

Evergreen restaurant, Prague 8 – draft and construction of interior, blacksmith, locksmith and girdler work

FN Motol, Prague 5 – construction and locksmith work

IKEM Hospital, Krč – railing and steel constructions

Uhelný Mlýn, Libčice – reconstruction of the whole building – staircases, railing and locksmith work.

Sídliště Na Dědině – reconstruction of the railing

Apartment houses - Staropramenná, Gutovka, Chodov, Tulipa Rokytka, Kavčí hory – railing, all construction and locksmith work

Underground garages in Letná, Crystal building, Blanka tunnel, Main Point, Prague ZOO and many more – locksmith works, railing, staircases, restoration


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