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Every blacksmith is a craftsman and an artist at once. Our products are a beautiful example of the blacksmith’s mastery and tradition.

We focus on hand-made historical replicas, artistic themes, candlesticks, decorative items; all made with the Hefaistos original designs.

We can fulfil every wish of our customer and we will be happy to participate in projects we didn’t have the honour to partake in yet.

All of our products are not only aesthetically pleasing, but functional as well. We guarantee high quality and durability.

Take a look at our merchandise from the comfort of your home and we will deliver anything straight to your doorstep, anywhere in Europe.

You can also see our products in our factory building in Prague – Radotín, as well as in our shop in Rybná Street in the heart of Prague. Furthermore, until winter, we have a stand open at Náměstí republiky with various handmade items.

Let your imagination run riot and contact us regarding your wish.

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