In Hefaistos we can make forged fences exactly to your liking. Fences that we realize are a combination of simple design and comprehensive functionality. Durability and quality is always on the first place. And all for an affordable price. We will select the most suitable material for you, which will perfectly complement your property, garden, or office of the company.

We make forged fences in the basic versions or in the version made in a more fanciful way, for which you can choose from a wide selection of many decorative forged elements. For demanding clients our blacksmither is ready to forge decorative elements tailored to your needs. We guarantee you the highest quality of the fence and its resistance to weather conditions, every fence is dipped into zinc so you get a maintenance-free fence for life.

In recent years the popularity of fences with fillers of expanded metal has grown. So you can choose more than 20 kinds of fillings according to the transparency of the fence on your property or garden. Frame fence is made from steel materials that are intended for that purpose, so there is no unnecessary strife and gaps and the appearance of the fence is perfectly clean. You can see samples of expanded metal at our production facilities in Radotín, where you are invited.

For each fence we will provide production of single-leaf, double-leaf or sliding gates with automatic drive and all accessories in the same theme.

The implementation of fencing is always provided with the measuring on the place, then we will send you construction paperworks, in which we can advise you what to prepare. We will prepare production documentation, so you can get an idea of how your new fence will look like. Then we will make the fencing, implement a surface treatment and automatic drive.

We offer different variants

References we are proud of

  • Family house Prague

    Unique forged fence of a family house in Prague.

  • Offices, Prague

    Modern self-supporting gate for office building in Prague.

  • Family house Prague

    Decorative self-supporting gate with patina at the family house.

  • Luxury vila Prague

    Self-supporting decorative gate at the luxurious villa in Prague.


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