About company

Art blacksmithing and locksmithing Hefaistos was founded in 1991 by mr. Milan Dubským as a purely Czech company, which remained until now. Hefaistos specializes in custom and modern metal-working industry. Its employees are experts in the production of forged fences, staircases and steel structures.

In the framework of custom manufacturing we adapt the requirements of the customers and together we strive for the best result. Therefore, we offer our customers graphic processing and consultation of small and larger contracts for free.

The company also manufactures and offers to customers a wide range of hand-forged and decorative items that you can choose directly at the Hefaistos stores in Myslíkova, or Rybná street in the centre of Prague. Or you can take a look from the comfort of your home on our unique blacksmith e-shop Hefaistos.eu.

Our blacksmiths can make custom metal candlesticks, fireplace accessories, or even large artistic sculptures such as the crocodile, the bull, or statue in life-size.

Hefaistos belongs to the top in the industry in restoration of historical buildings and art objects. As one of the few companies in the industry, Hefaistos own the certification from the Ministry of culture to this unique craft activity.

Over 25 years of experiences

HEFAISTOS is a company with a long tradition and a huge portion of the experience, that with joy we'll share. We offer you a professional approach and maximum quality.

Honest traditional craft

Our company is purely Czech and based on that, we continue in the tradition of Czech locksmiths and blacksmiths, for which the country was always known.

Quality guarantee

Our products are not only elegant, but functional. The metal products from HEFAISTOS last you your whole life, and that's why we have selected products guaranteed for 10 years.

Locksmith and manufacturing on request

In the framework of metalwork and custom manufacturing we can customize your wishes and suggest the best solution for you.

Graphics processing and free consultation

Not sure of a solution that will suit you? Don't be afraid to reach out to us. We Will gladly create an individual offer and proposal processing for free. We're here to help our customers.

Certification for restoration

We are true masters in restoration of art objects, historic structures and buildings. And we are not alone, who thinks that. We have obtained certification from the Ministry of culture.

Our tradition

  • 1991
  • 1995

    In 1995, the company expanded its presence to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Japan.

  • 2013

    We are opening the first Hefaistos shop in Rybná street in Prague Old Town.

  • 2020

    We are opening our second Hefaistos shop in the center of Prague in Myslikova street.

  • 2021

Company philosophy

When you say metal, most people imagine cold bars, or big gray gates. However, this is just a small sample of what metal can do. In the hands of our skillful craftsmen can metal mainly beautify and complement Your interior, exterior or garden. Separately, or in conjunction with wood or glass metal isn’t cold, but rather warm, passionate and in modern design irreplaceable. Our work will be a perfect addition for your interior and exterior.

Milan Dubský, founder of the company

References we are proud of

  • High school of Economics

    Brass railings in the premises of high school of economics.

  • Luxury villa Prague

    Self-supporting ornate gate at the luxurious villa in Prague.

  • Main Point Prague

    Self-supporting ornate gate at the luxurious villa in Prague.

  • Avast building Prague

    Steel structure of Enterprise hall in Avast company.


Currently we would like to welcome a new colleague on the following position:


  • Experienced locksmith

    • production

In the case of your interest please contact us on the phone +420 602 542 601 or e-mail petra.dubska@hefaistospraha.cz.

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