There is a unique specialization, without which you cannot do reconstruction of the historical objects and interiors. In Latin it is called Zonarius. This specialization can be used even in the interiors of today’s modern living. In Hefaistos we have blacksmiths with this specialization so we regularly participate each year in the restoration of historical items from customers and historical monuments in Prague.

Among the most common Zonarius work includes the following: tile trims around the doors, elevators and shops windows, advertising signs, signboards, logos, handrails, racks and information systems, the production of replicas, coat rack and small furniture, manufacture facade elements of metal elements, of brass chandeliers and fixtures, manufacture of metal weapons, metal signs and symbols, renovation and preservation of monuments and long-term protection of monuments in close cooperation with the National heritage institute.

When we manufacture replicas, we most often use brass and stainless steel materials.

Restoration. In past years we did countless restoration of historical objects and monuments in the Czech republic. On the basis of our work, we obtained certification for the restoration from the Ministry of culture of The Czech republic.

We specialize not only in the reconstruction of small objects of art, but also in large historical buildings and metal structures. The size of the project is for us always a challenge and we are not scared of installations such as the building of the railway station, repair of the bridge or railings repairs on the Prague waterfront.

We are restoring with a variety of materials such as steel, cast iron, brass, copper, stainless steel and other alloys.

We perform restoration with the maximum respect to the original materials and form of the subject. We don’t want to disrupt the original perfection. We sparingly sand Historical coatings and give the metal a new look with the option of subsequent surface treatment and color according to the wishes of the customer.

References we are proud of

  • The Museum of Prague

    Restoration of the historic railing before the final coat of paint.

  • Charles Bridge Prague

    Restoration of a cast-iron railing close to the Charles bridge.

  • Theatre of Prague

    Renovation of the metals in brass color in the interiors of the theatre.

  • Avast offices

    Sheet metal panelling for the walls in premises of corporate offices.


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