Sale of forged furniture

In case of production of forged furniture we work with professionals who are experienced in the field, and forged furniture for many years now. In order to achieve the widest possible choice for our customers, we have also included industrial forged furniture, which are popular not only in Czech households.

Production of custom forged furniture

Hefaistos is ready for customers that want to make custom furniture made directly to their interior. We are able to combine the wishes of customers and include in metal, wood and glass. Hefaistos has also partnered with architects and according to their proposal already prepared many different interior accessories and furniture not only to households, but even to restaurants, industrial buildings and or historical monuments.

Interier consulting with architect

For our customers we provide interior consultancy within the choosing of the furniture directly at the store in Myslíkova street, where we have a showroom of furniture and there is also a full furnished bedroom in the style of the province. Trained and experienced staff will help you with choosing not only design, but also materials and color combinations including shades and surface finishes. For our customers we can arrange a consultation with our interior decoration architect for free.

Production of industrial furniture

We noticed increased demand for our industrial furniture and housing supplements from our customers. That’s why we have also included this kind of furniture. If you want to see it, you can come either directly to the shop at Myslíkova street, or to the e-shop and we are also able to make, deliver and instal custom furniture from our customers’ sketches.

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